Welcome to my Testimonials page. Here you can read comments from some of my wedding couples. I’d be delighted to hear from you and receive feedback. – With gratitude, Rabbi Spike.

(6) Scott & Stephanie Silver
Tue, 21 August 2012

When we decided on Stephen S. Wise Temple to be our wedding location, we got the location and so much more. Rabbi Spike Anderson agreed to be the officiant of our wedding, under the condition that we meet with him a handful of times before the event date. At first, we thought this would be an extra stress to deal with on top of the wedding planning, but once we had our first meeting with Spike we were glad we went. Spike brought up several conversational topics that were great for us as a couple to discuss, and he truly felt like a mentor & friend by the end of our sessions.

We were excited to have him be part of our special day. After the wedding came and went, many friends and family raved about Spike Anderson's speech's and demeanor throughout the ceremony. They were fond of the way he led the ceremony, because he was able to keep it entertaining, and serious all at the same time.

- Scott & Stephanie Silver

(5) Julie Rosenberg & Ayal Kleinman
Tue, 22 January 2013

After our first phone introduction with Rabbi Spike we knew we wanted him to marry us. He was so easy to talk to, we felt comfortable with him right from the start. Planning a wedding from 3000 miles away, like we did, is enough to drive most sane couples mad. Through all the craziness, Rabbi Spike not only managed to calm and reassure us, he repeatedly brought us back to why we were getting married in the first place. The ceremony itself was perfect in every way, thanks to Rabbi Spike. He spoke beautifully while creating the perfect balance of love and Jewish tradition and customs. Have a wonderful weekend and Shabbot Shalom!

(4) Andy Keiler & Marina Morrison-Keiler
Tue, 21 August 2012

We couldn't have been happier to have Rabbi Anderson with Stephen S. Wise Temple marry us. We had some initial reservations in doing the counseling but found him to be heartfelt, intelligent and full of enthusiasm. He was sincere and took great pride in his work and not only got to know us both, but spent time helping us to better understand our own feelings about religion with no judgment. He was full of wisdom, some of which we still use in our marriage today, 3 1/2 years later. The temple is committed to teaching Jewish traditions but with a modern day twist and we were honored to have such a passionate Rabbi, and friend, be a part of the next chapter in our lives.

(3) Jana and David
Tue, 21 August 2012

"Rabbi Spike did such a phenomenal job at our wedding ceremony, and was very supportive in the months leading up to the big day.  It was very important for us to have a Rabbi who knew us as a couple, and we were delighted that Rabbi Spike felt the same way.  We also wanted a ceremony that had a personal and intimate feel.  After our meetings with Rabbi Spike we were confident we would have just that, and we were right.  He not only made us feel completely at ease, but he took the time to get to know us, which was clearly evident during our wedding ceremony.  Rabbi Spike added meaningful details about our relationship that made the ceremony incredibly personal and special, and yet he kept the ceremony at a perfect pace.  One of our favorite moments was when Rabbi Spike asked us to turn around at the beginning of the ceremony, so family and friends could all get great pictures of the bride and groom, which allowed them all to then sit back and enjoy the ceremony.  Though we have been married for almost three years, our guests still marvel at what a wonderful and beautiful ceremony we had, and it was all thanks to Rabbi Spike!"

Jana and David

(2) Samantha Silver & David Katzberg
Mon, 20 August 2012

Among the countless details that go into a wedding, as non-native Californians finding a Rabbi that could deliver the personal, meaningful ceremony we really wanted was a major concern. That was until we met Rabbi Anderson. His passion for love, Judaism, and community were obvious, but more importantly to us, his warmth and genuine interest in who we were shined. In the months leading up to our wedding, he really made a genuine effort to get to know us, welcoming us into his congregation and meeting with us regularly. Specifically we really enjoyed and got a lot from writing letters to each other, something that remains special to us now.

Our wedding day was glorious. We felt prepared and organized from our preparation with Rabbi Anderson, and he delivered a truly personal and organic ceremony. All of the elements came together perfectly, with an appropriate balance of religion, family, and personal moments. The time spent getting to know us came through in his words and the ceremony was exactly what we envisioned and more.

(1) Laura &Vik
Mon, 20 August 2012

Rabbi Anderson was one of the great blessings to us on our wedding day.  When we first met with him a few months before the wedding, we were both so nervous, yet Rabbi Anderson helped us feel comfortable with his gentle voice and sense of humor.  It didn’t feel like an interview.  Instead, he shared with us a little about himself and his wife and how they met, and then asked us questions about our families, how we met, and the type of Jewish ceremony we wanted for our special day.  It really felt  comforting knowing Rabbi Anderson was going to officiate our wedding. 

Preparing for our wedding day, he brought tremendous meaning and joy to the Jewish wedding tradition.  He not only wanted us to be partners for life, he wanted us to understand our vows and the whole tradition that is the Jewish wedding.  He suggested a fabulous book so we could learn and decide what parts of the tradition we wanted to honor.  Rabbi Anderson wanted us to understand the historical and sacred meaning of the Jewish wedding tradition.  The signing of the Ketubah, through which he guided us, is a beautiful memory we still cherish.  During the ceremony, he addressed our friends and family as if he too were a friend, someone who had known us for years.  Our joy on our wedding day was made greater still by Rabbi Anderson. 


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