Erusin (Betrothal)

Jewish Wedding Erusin

Jewish Wedding: Erusin

This ceremony begins with the traditional blessing over a cup of wine. The cup of wine will be shared among the bride and groom and their parents. The second blessing sanctifies the bride and groom together in kiddushin, Hebrew for marriage, a word which is derived from the Hebrew for “holy.”

According to Jewish law, the giving and accepting of an item of value in the presence of witnesses is what sanctifies a marriage. Therefore, in modern times, the bride and groom exchange rings as they declare to one another, in Hebrew and in English, “Behold, you are consecrated to me with this ring, in accordance with the laws of Moses and Israel.” Typically, the rings are solid, without any breaks or stones, signifying the wholeness and union achieved through marriage. The rings are placed on their right index fingers, due to the ancient belief that the forefinger is connected by a direct line to the heart. After which, they can be moved to the ‘ring finger’ on one’s left hand.

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