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Signing of the Ketubah

The Ketubah

In Orthodox communities, after the tish the ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) is signed by the groom, the rabbi, and two male witnesses. In Reform and Conservative congregations, the bride may also sign the Ketubah, and additional lines can be added for female witnesses, too. – via TheKnot

The Ketubah, or marriage contract, is one of the oldest Jewish wedding traditions, dating back two thousand years. Traditionally, the Ketubah is a legal document protecting the bride’s rights, and thus is the possession of the bride. In the progressive spirit, many couples today choose to have a Ketubah that is egalitarian and contemporary, expressing the bride and groom’s commitment to care for one another and to create a Jewish home together. Typically, it is read and signed by witnesses, the rabbi, and the bride and groom in front of close family and friends immediately preceding the wedding ceremony.

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